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Hours   8am – 6pm   Monday – Friday

Hard-Wood Flooring Made Easy






At Wilmington Flooring Contractors, we take pride on the floor you stand on. The visual appeal and aesthetics of a room is largely based on flooring and trim. Oftentimes, the first thing that someone notices when they walk into a room is the flooring. Behind the kitchen, it’s the number one way to boost the value of your home during a remodel. With a large array of options for flooring and trim, we have you covered, from luxury custom homes, to office buildings!

Mark R.

I was very impressed by the installation of my flooring by Wilmington Flooring Contractors. The price was reasonable and they installed the flooring in a very timely manner.

Sue B.

Wilmington Flooring Contractors did a great job with my floors. Their price was very competitive and they finished the jobin less than one week. Everything worked out very good and I highly recommend them.

Jenn J.

Love this company! I didn’t think my wood floors could be saved , they came in and my floors look brand new!